Duofold Thermal Underwear

Published by in Duofold on November 16th, 2011

Duofold Thermal Underwear – Winter season brings out the splendid beauty of nature in the form of snow covered earth and flaky winds. However, winters are

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probably the laziest times in the entire year for most individuals, owing to the chilly temperatures which brood inactivity and lethargy. Most people feel like snuggling down in their beds with the heater on a full blast, and tend to avoid going out from the warmth of their homes as less often as possible. This leads to unpopularity both at work as well as in social circles. Productivity and performance ratios tend to fall flat at work. If you find yourself in such a scenario, then it is ideal for you to look into the option of investing in Duofold Thermal Underwear.

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Duofold Thermal Underwear – What is it?


Thermal underwear serves to protect one from cold temperatures. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, or in a profession that requires you to travel extensively regardless of the prevailing nippy weather, then Duofold thermal is meant just for you. This exclusive clothing option offers safety and comfort at the same time. Duofold clothing is the ideal choice for those who are sensitive to lower temperatures or are prone to respiratory problems triggered by chilly weather.

Duofold Thermal Underwear – What makes it special?

Duofold has always been known for its innovative thermal clothing options and comfortable fit, which makes them the best value for money products. It was the pioneer for dual layer thermal clothing options. Duofold perceived that people tended to avoid thermal underwear clothing made of wool, owing to the discomfort it causes every time it brushes with sensitive skin. Duofold clothing revolutionized dual layered thermal underwear clothing in which the inner layer which touches the skin is made of cotton, and the outer layer is made of merino wool which provides effective warmth and insulation.

In addition to this development, Duofold clothing also has moisture control and odor resistant properties which make it all the more attractive. Duofold clothing is designed and stitched in a seamless way, which means that the unattractive seams would not show up in the form of folds onto the outer clothing. No one would ever be able to guess that you have an additional layer of inner clothing beneath your outer clothes, thanks to the absence of bulky layers and resulting unattractive bulge. Duofold thus provides effortless and easy zero-calorie look – one can shun their heavy sweaters, ponchos and shawls, since Duofold clothing provides sufficient insulation for most extreme nippy temperatures.

Duofold Thermal Underwear – Where to find these?


Duofold inner clothing for winters can be found in several of your local retail, specialty and departmental stores. However, the best place to find these clothing options is the internet. One can easily view the entire collection and range of thermal clothing options by Duofold online, and place orders according to their needs and preferences. Several websites offer free and quick shipping on Duofold Thermal Underwear, which means that you can order from the comfort of your home without having to risk unpleasantly cold winds and have the product delivered right onto your doorstep.

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