Duofold Thermal Underwear for the Winter

Published by in Duofold on November 16th, 2011

Duofold thermal underwear is a leading brand that deals with thermal underwear for men and women. Duofold Thermals are very popular for men’s undergarments that are not only stylish but also comfortable. For men, bottoms and undergarments are important even in hot and humid conditions. Keeping this in mind Duofold thermal has come up with some amazing designs that not only provide comfort but are trendy as well. The tops and bottoms are available in different colors and are designed to enhance the overall looks of the woman wearing it. The bikini panties are not only trendy but stylish too and designed to bring out the best features in you.

Duofold Thermal Underwear – designed for comfort


The onset of winter brings out a wide range of woolen clothes out of the closet. Traditionally, woolen clothes have been used to keep ourselves warm and comfortable during the harsh winter months. It not only helps in keeping away the cold but also ensures that you remain comfortable. Today, you have a wide range of thermal wear that enables you to keep away the cold during winter months. Duofold underwear is one such brand that you can wear to work or do other regular activities. These thermals feel very comfortable and keep you warm right through the day. You can wear them under your work clothes or under your jeans. Duofold thermal can be used in different ways to keep you not only comfortable but also warm during the harsh winter months.

Duofold Thermal Underwear – long johns

Duofold base layer thermal long johns are very popular with the men folk across the country. These thermal long johns have been in the business for over a hundred years and still continue to deliver great performance. The company offers wool and Varitherm style for added protection during the harsh winter months. When it comes to keeping you warm during winters the one name that comes immediately to the mind is Duofold. The company has experience in designing two layer thermals and Varitherm for the US Army and US Special Forces. Apart from this Duofold long underwear are worn by firemen, police personnel, athletes,

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Royal Marines and many others. These thermals are design for optimum protection against the harsher elements of nature during the winter months. In fact Duofold base layer is used by many professional skiing associations across the country.

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Duofold Thermal Underwear – wool blends


It is a well known fact that cotton alone is not sufficient to keep you warm. This is precisely why Duofold thermal makes use of wool blends to keep you warm and comfortable. Duofold two layer thermal insulated wool top and wool bottoms are excellent thermals with a blend of synthetic fiber and merino wool. It is this unique blend that provides added warmth while a layer of pure cotton inside provides you with a lot of comfort. Apart from keeping you warm and comfortable these thermals keep away the frigid air. Available in oatmeal color, the Duofold thermal underwear can be worn under your regular clothes or work clothes.

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